Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

This summer we went to Yellowstone National Park and stopped off at Bear World on our way.   We had a lot of fun despite the rain most of the days.  Family Memories!

This is the Bear that crawled up on our van.  Lucky for us it was a pretty small one. Actually they told us that he was a teenager.  So anyway if you don't want a teenage bear to crawl on your car, don't go to Bear World.  Otherwise it is so worth it!  

Seriously baby bear cubs are so cute!  I wanted to hold one and snuggle it so bad. 

Ok so Hilary (Wade's sister) told us about this burger joint called Big Judd's that was somewhere in the vicinity of Bear World that we really needed to go to. Well lets just say thank goodness to navigation or we never would have found it.  It was out in Podunkville, ID.  It did have good burgers and the ice cream was good  to eat.  Wade ordered this huge one for all of us to share that they served in a dog bowl I'm pretty sure.  It was a fun time though, even Tash got to eat some.  

And this is what happens when babies eat too much ice cream!

The kids got to go inside this Grizzly Bear Pen and hide food for him to come out and find.  I think it was a fun experience for them.  They also were filmed by a local camera crew making a commercial for the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.  Too bad they were sportin the rain gear.  It was a very wet day though.  

I think his eyes are so majestic looking. They really are beautiful creatures.

Of course we checked out Old Faithful. 

I just took this picture of the boys while we were waiting for it to erupt.  

Our last day there we drove through the park one last time and happened upon an Eagle sitting in its nest.  It was pretty neat but we were so far away and couldn't get any closer.  So I did my best to zoom in and at least get a picture.  Even though its not the best quality, it was still pretty sweet.

Wade decided to pull over and climb up on top of this huge rock and then he told the kids to get on!  Of course he had to climb down and help them on and off but it was a fun way to end our little trip to YNP.


Kelly said...

Holy Crow that is freaky. I don't know that I would like a bear climbing on my car. HEHEHE. Looks like a great time

Cindy said...

Great pictures of a fun vacation Jamie! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I cannot believe that giant rock at the end. Wow! Scary! PS enjoyed the baseball pics too! Fun!