Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

This summer we went to Yellowstone National Park and stopped off at Bear World on our way.   We had a lot of fun despite the rain most of the days.  Family Memories!

This is the Bear that crawled up on our van.  Lucky for us it was a pretty small one. Actually they told us that he was a teenager.  So anyway if you don't want a teenage bear to crawl on your car, don't go to Bear World.  Otherwise it is so worth it!  

Seriously baby bear cubs are so cute!  I wanted to hold one and snuggle it so bad. 

Ok so Hilary (Wade's sister) told us about this burger joint called Big Judd's that was somewhere in the vicinity of Bear World that we really needed to go to. Well lets just say thank goodness to navigation or we never would have found it.  It was out in Podunkville, ID.  It did have good burgers and the ice cream was good  to eat.  Wade ordered this huge one for all of us to share that they served in a dog bowl I'm pretty sure.  It was a fun time though, even Tash got to eat some.  

And this is what happens when babies eat too much ice cream!

The kids got to go inside this Grizzly Bear Pen and hide food for him to come out and find.  I think it was a fun experience for them.  They also were filmed by a local camera crew making a commercial for the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.  Too bad they were sportin the rain gear.  It was a very wet day though.  

I think his eyes are so majestic looking. They really are beautiful creatures.

Of course we checked out Old Faithful. 

I just took this picture of the boys while we were waiting for it to erupt.  

Our last day there we drove through the park one last time and happened upon an Eagle sitting in its nest.  It was pretty neat but we were so far away and couldn't get any closer.  So I did my best to zoom in and at least get a picture.  Even though its not the best quality, it was still pretty sweet.

Wade decided to pull over and climb up on top of this huge rock and then he told the kids to get on!  Of course he had to climb down and help them on and off but it was a fun way to end our little trip to YNP.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cousins Baseball

Tayli and Tyden were lucky enough to have their cousins Kotler and Kambrie and their cousin Olivia on their baseball team this year.  It was really fun.  This was Tyden's first year playing and Tayli's second if you count tee ball.  They played coach pitch and had a great time.  I think the most fun thing about it was having all the cousins on the same team.  It was nice for us parents and made going to games easy on the grandparents also.

For some reason Tayli never wanted to wear her baseball pants so she is sportin the ripped up jeans.

Look at the concentration on that face!

My Big Rig up to bat

Sliding into home

This is actually a really sad picture but I had to post it.  Tay got out and it made her pretty upset.  She recovered quickly.  Besides it's not like they really "get out" in coach pitch anyway.


Taven's baseball team did so awesome this year!  They went undefeated all season and only lost one game in the end of season tourney.  We were so proud of how hard Tav tried and how much he improved.  He had a couple of great coaches who really took the time to have patience with him and teach him a lot about baseball.  ORIOLES = CHAMPIONS

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Isn't she just adorable?

This was just a random picture of Tashli that I thought was cute so I wanted to post it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Tash

Here are the latest pictures of our sweet little Tash.  My sis, Natalie, told me that I needed to update my blog with some new pictures, so here they are...Tashli at 5 months old

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally capturing those "First Smiles"

Tash is just starting to smile and I've tried to take pictures but everytime I would get out the camera she would just stare at it. So I cought a few pics with my camera phone yesterday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My little Tayli turned 7

We celebrated Tay's birthday a couple of times this year. These pics are from when we went to Red Robin with Grandma and Grandpa Larry. Aunt Leigh made Tayli this cute little Barbie cake. We had a good time. You can't beat family and food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tayli's "Real Life" Baby

Tayli got a new baby stroller for Christmas and apparently she thought it would be more fun to push around with a real baby in it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tashli Jo

Here is our newest addition to the Morris Madness. She was born November 6, and it's been pure joy having her around. Her brothers and sister are especially happy to have her. We love our little Tashli Jo!

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Day of School (Better Late than Never)

So here is the first day of school 2009. The kids started a brand new school in a brand new town. Luckily they have their cousins at their new school. We moved to Santa Clara in July. Taven is in 3rd Grade, Tayli in 1st, and Tyden, well he just wanted in on the picture. He actually could have started Kindergarten this year but we decided not to send him. He just wanted to stay home with me. I know I'm a little late but I figured I could try and keep up on blogging a little better. Kim and Spike are my inspiration.